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Blood Lancets

Code BL A & B
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MOHReg 56/2001/1
Main Features
  • Tri-beveled and finely sharpened point.
  • Maximum comfort to patient and staff.
  • Consistent performance.
  • Standard thin size ( 26G x 23.5 ).
  • Light-angle point.
  • Excellent fit to most popular lancing devices.
  • Fashionable colours.
  • Sterile.
Supplies on Request
  • Other needle Gauge sizes are available on request.
  • Other types: Whole stainless steel, flat typs, punched blood lancets are also available with peel pack, gama sterilised in 200 pcs per box.
Packing Supplied in small boxes of 200, 50 pcs each, and 25pcs if requested.  


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