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Fistula Needle Set

Code FF 01,02,03
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MOHReg 261/2004/1
Sterilization By EtO gas.  
Sizes G15, G16, G17 , with fixed or rotating wing.  
Main Features
  • Ultra-thin wall, double siliconized needle assures maximum blood ftow with minimum resistance.
  • Tapered wing/hub lumen to minimize blood turbulence.
  • Colored flexible wing assures non-slip contro l during insertion.
  • Single position on/off clamp assures patient and staff convenience-
  • Luer lock female adaptor with cover.
  • Unique oval back-eye for the arterial needle assures maximum blood flow with minimum trauma.
Supplies on Request
  • Fistula needle, can be supplied in pairs ( Arterial / Venous ) or individually packed.
  • Rotative needles are available on request.
  • Other sizes are available on request.
Packing - Economic HDPE pack assuring sterile internal tract. OR - Standard blister pack ( medical grade paper, PA/PE laminate ) assuring sterility to both internal and external tracts.  

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