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I.V Sets with Flow Meter

Code FMIV001
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MOHReg 437/2004/1
Sterilization By EtO gas.  
Main Features
Complete system with integrated I.V administration set and flow meter.
( No need to use any extension lines)


  • Constant flow rate.
  • Precise flow rate control.
  • Easily adjustable, easily visible.
  • Flow rate of 5 to 250 ml. per hour.
  • Not affected with full bag or near-empty bag, bed height changes
    and /or patient position changes.

IV Set:

  • Tapered 2 way spike with hydrophobic filter for air inlet.
  • Soft clear drip chamber with 15 micron solution disk filter.
  • Additional clamp for short term interruption of infusion.
  • T shaped injection site to assure safety to patient and staff.
  • Luer lock adapter to secure the hermetic locking and
    the stability of the luer/needle hub connection.
  • Full length of 170cm assuring patient comfort.
  • Ultra-thin wall, double bevelled ciliconised G21x1.5” needle.
Standard blister pack (medical grade paper, PA/PE laminate) assuring sterility to both internal and external tracts.

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