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Medical grade PVC with frosted surface and soft round tip to minimize need for lubricant, lateral eyes and colour coded funnel for sizes from Ch/Fr 6 to 24.
Medical grade kink resistant PVC tube with two large lateral eyes and colour coded funnel for sizes from Ch/Fr 22 to 35.
Manufactured out of best Malaysian natural rubber, silicon treated, smooth optimal eyes and pressure resistant balloon with soft inflation valve.
Medical grade, frosted surface PVC catheter for delicate introduction through endotracheal or tracheostomy tube. Colour coded tip of 3 different designs: Funnel, T-type thumb vacuum control and Y-type finger vacuum control.
Supper smooth, low friction medical grade material to facilitate intubation. Distal end with st. st. balls, X-ray line and marks at 50 & 70 cm from tip for accurate placement
Medical grade, non irritant to mucosa, frosted surface PVC catheter with radio-opaque line and marks at each cm for clear identification of position.
Medical grade material, silk finish surface, smooth round distal end with no lateral openings. Marks at 5, 10 and 15 cm from distal end for appropriate positioning

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