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Smooth with rounded edge to assure patient comfort. Rigid bite block with colour coding for sizes starting from size 000 and ending with size 5
Thermo sensitive tubing, easily adapted to respiratory tract. Bull-nose tip and radio-opaque line. Soft thin wall cuffed smoothly connected inflation tube
With characteristic features including continuous straight flow channels, axially and radially movable swivel lock, pressure tested pneumatically and hydrostatically
Two meter long flexible PVC tube, with the best Yankaur tip with or without vent control at one side, and universal blue connector at the other side.
Well designed to assure hermetic connection to fluid container(s) and systoscopes. Also to assure high fluid flow
Super sharp triple bevelled needle, tapered Teflon tubing with gradual decrease in diameter to assure painless penetration, colour coded injection site with non return valve.

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