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All configurations: One or two-way spike, with or without solution disk filter, normal or precise roller clamp, Y, T or flash ball injection site, Luer or luer lock adapter, normal dripping 20 drop/ml or micro dropper 60 drop/ml, any requested tube length.
All features of I.V sets plus constant flow regulator easily adjusted from 5 ml to 250 ml/hour
Including calibrated burette for I.V administration with shut-off valve, st. st. dropper 60 drop/ml, air filter 0.2 micron and extra injection site.
Thin-wall, siliconized needle and anti-slip wing providing an ideal route to small veins with different ten needle sizes.
With male luer lock at patient side, female luer lock at the other side with different tube length 25 to 150 cm.
100 or 150 ml calibrated burette including shut-off floating disk, 0.2 mic air filter and injection site. In addition to 20 ml drip chamber including cylindrical blood filter
Super sharp triple bevelled needle, tapered Teflon tubing with gradual decrease in diameter to assure painless penetration, colour coded injection site with non return valve.

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