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Volume Control Blood Transfusion Set

Code BVC 001 , 002, 003
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MOHReg 10/2005/1
Sterilization By EtO gas.  
Main Features
  • Blood tapered spike with sharp piercing tip, and wide internal tract.
  • 100 or 150 ml calibrated burette for biood administration, including.
  1. Air filter 0.2 micron with integrated cover.
  2. Self sealing injection site.
  3. Shut-off valve .
  4. Wide dropper for blood.
  • 20ml.drip chamber including cylindrical blood filter conforming to DIN 58360
  • Two Precise roller clamp.
  • Extra medication T injection site to assure safety to patient and staff.
  • 150 cm. glass clear tubing.
  • Luer adaptor, or Threaded luer lock adaptor to secure the hermetic locking and stability of luer / needle hub with related cover.

Available in two types of packaging :

  • Simple poly bag.
  • Window - carton over packed with PP laminate.

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