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Ryle's Tube

Code RT 105
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MOHReg 92/2001/1
Sterilization By EtO gas  
Sizes Length :105 cm. Size: From CH 6 up to CH 24.  
Main Features
  • Manufactured from non-toxic, non-irritant PVC.
  • Super-smooth, low friction surface facilitates easy intubation.
  • Dista l end is coned with corrosion resistant st.st bails sealed into the tube, to assist the passage of the tube during intubation.
  • Four lateral eyes are provided for efficient aspiration & administration.
  • X-ray opaque line is provided.
  • The tube is marked at 50. 60, & 70cm. From the tip for accurate placement.
  • Proximal end is provided with universal funnel shape connector.
  • Individually packed in peelable soft blister for aseptic handling.
  • Box of 50.

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