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Oxygen Accurate Flow

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Sterilization By EtO gas.  
Purpose Single unit Venturi system that provides five accurate concentrations of oxygen (from 25 to 50 % ) " through 2 individual, color coded diluter jets.  
Main Features
  • Soft, transparent, aerosol mask with anatomical form. Ideal for long term use.
  • Wide, adjustable, elastic strap with sealed ends to preclude disassembly of strap.
  • Integrated nose clip for proper positioning of mask on the mouth and nasal area.
  • Two color- coded diluterjets.
  • - Olive-green for 24,26,28 and 30% concentration.
  • - White for 35,40 and 50% concentration.

  • Easy change of diluter jets in no time.
  • Flexible, transparent, anti-c l ick tubing of two meter length.
  • Both tube ends are fitted with soft funnel-shaped connector for easy connection to oxygen source and diluterjets.
Packing Supplied sterile in individual peelable poly bag.  

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