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Surgical Washing Sets

Code SW 001
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MOHReg 264/2004/1
Sterilization By EtO gas.  
Main Features
  • Designed to precisely control the flow of solution from GLYCIN containers to the urethral catheter, resector, or cystoscope.
  • Wide 4.8x6.8 tubing to assure high flow.
  • Stout trochar assures good connection to the solution administration port.
  • Connection to the catheter, resector, or cystoscope through soft, wide, flexible and translucent TPE tube.
  • Step-wise multi-click clamp to regulate flow precisely.
Supplies on Request
Any special design can be supplied in short time.
  • Economic HDPE pack assuring sterile internal tract.
  • Standard blister pack ( medical grade paper, PA/PE laminate ) assuring sterility to both internal and external tracts.

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