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Safety Clamp and Cutter

Code UCC & UC
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MOHReg 26/2001/1
Sterilization By EtO gas.  
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Main Features
  • The product consists of two clamps in between which runs a knife.
  • The clamp and cut function is performed by squeezing together with a three finger grip.
  • The tool will be separated to two parts:
  • A clamp (the white one) is left on the baby.
  • The cutter and c lamp part (the green piece) is left with the placenta.
  • the procedure is carried out in a single operation and thus saving time.
  • Splash of blood from the umbilical cord is avoided, and thereby the danger of spreading of blood carried infection as HIV, Hepatitis B and C is reduced.
  • The clamp cut part remaining with the p l acenta can be opened at any time for blood sampling, study of the cut, and if necessary to drain the placenta.
Packing Individually packed in special paper/laminate pouches.  

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